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The best in indie glam/goth/industrial/synth rock.

Hello friends! (X-posted)

The time is fast approaching. In January, will be undergoing a HUGE expansion as the business launches fulltime, both online and in the Washington DC metro.

And we need YOU to help. The site now supports over 75 artists around the world, and is averaging over 1,000 new site visits a month. But we want more; please help out by reposting this message, and by telling your friends about the new mega-center for indie goth/industrial on the web.

If you haven't, please check out our profile at, as well as our site

Be sure to sign up for the forum, too, and let us know what you like and what you'd like to see added to the site. During the month of October, we will be doing a few give-aways for everyone signed up* on the forum, so don't miss out!

And as always, feel free to pimp the site using our many banners and icons in your online travels.

Thanks, and see you guys out on the road in 2006!
- Valdyr and the staff.

*see forum for details.
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