(no longer updated) (vkxonline) wrote in undercore,
(no longer updated)

Free CD Giveaway!

Here's the just of it. We're giving away a signed copy of MSI's Straight to Video CD with Rainbow's mix on it. I know that's more of an MSI contest prize than a TBM contest prize, but whatever, this isn't much of a contest either.

Infact, to win, all you have to do is have a TBMChicago proile. You know, like this:


To get one, go to http://members.tbmchicago.com, register, and then login. Click on the "Edit Profile" link and submit a profile. Don't forget to check off the show's you've been to (if any) and to add a picture to your profile!

Already have one? Great, you're entered. Like, even if you don't want to be entered to win, you're entered anyways. Sorry, sometimes you win free prizes you don't want. It's just part of life.

We're going to draw three people at random as "finalists" and then pick the one that responds to our email the fastest
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